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About Sreyascare

Staying far away from your parents’ for work or study is not easy. You realize that your parents are getting old and they need someone by their side to manage with everyday mundane tasks. You may often wish that there was someone you can trust to fill in your shoes and personally take care of your parents’ needs.  Sreyascare provides senior Home care services in Hyderabad & Vizag at your fingertips.

At  Sreyascare we wish to recreate the experience of warmth, safety, and love for your parents. We understand that living far away from your parents due to unavoidable circumstances is not easy. The physical distance between you and your parents creates worry, stress and fear. You often wonder how you can provide for your parents’ needs despite being far away from them.

Old age can be a challenging time for many. Your parents need someone by their side to manage everyday, mundane tasks such as paying bills, taking medication on time, visiting the doctor or even household chores. Imagine if someone was there to fill your shoes and take care of all your parents’ needs. We designed the solutions at Sreyascare keeping in mind the practical problems that the elderly face every day and we are determined to create a loving, wholesome and caring environment for the elderly.




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